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Prepare for the NCATT Radio Communication System (RCS) endorsement

What Is The RCS?

The Radio Communication System Endorsement covers the fundamental knowledge of airborne radio communication standards. These include amplitude modulated, frequency modulated transmitters and receivers, Satellite radio and communication, antenna design, as well as operational checks, fault isolation and special test equipment, among others.

Upon successful completion of the AET and one endorsement the technician can petition the FAA for a Part 65 Repairman certificate. Additionally, if you’re a military member not only does this set you apart from your peers but may also award college credit (talk with your local education office).

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Code1MX students have a 96% pass rate

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Great program catered specifically for veterans. GROL+Radar in only 3 days.

Matthew Hillmer

Radar Tech
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Members will enroll and receive an email with the next instructions and videos on how to apply for funding with their respective service branch.

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