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The higher your level, the more you get paid for each student you refer. Plus, unlock bonuses like free lunches, a $500 gift card, and a $1,000 gift card.

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Any events you attend to promote our brand will count as 3 student signups.

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When a student you referred completes their course, you receive $100.

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10% of any future promo services we provide, i.e. organizing courses or upcoming loyalty programs.

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In the US, the aviation industry is massive. The airline industry is a critical economic engine driving $1.7 Trillion dollars in U.S. economic activity and employing 10 million Americans

The current market may take 2-5 years to recover, albeit airline reservations are presently ahead of projections. Multiple Government agencies provide grants to develop training facilities, for scholarships to assist students, and to encourage and promote careers in aviation.

Currently, the Aviation Technician Education Council notes Covid 19 has exacerbated the technician shortage as many schools are losing students, while aviation employers are forcing near retirees to retire immediately to reduce payrolls, which will increase the need for certified technicians as the industry recovers.

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