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What Is The FOE?

The Foreign Object Elimination (FOE) is a certification granted by the National Center for Aerospace and Transportation Technologies (NCATT), a nonprofit organization in Fort Worth, Texas. Foreign Object Damage (FOD) costs the aviation industry 4 Billion dollars a year, and most of these events are preventable.

The FOE course will cover the standardized industry terminology, different types of FODs, the latest tool and hardware accountability methods, and reporting and investigating FOD events. The FOE course will increase employee knowledge and encourage all levels to become active in their FOE programs and eliminate FOD events.

Foreign object damage inside plane turbine

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Great program catered specifically for veterans. GROL+Radar in only 3 days.

Matthew Hillmer

Radar Tech
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Members will enroll and receive an email with the next instructions and videos on how to apply for funding with their respective service branch.

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