How To Obtain Both Airframe and Powerplant Rating If You’re Not A Crew Chief

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Alternative documents to the Form 8610-2 aka “tickets”. The USAF created an A&P Program for the aircraft maintainers. The Form CG-G-EAE-4 aka Certificate of Eligibility serves as the same function of the Form 8610-2 and the member doesn’t require FSDO signatures.

This is great for military members living overseas or military technicians who desire to obtain both ratings. So for example, if you're an Avionics troop and desire to obtain your A&P but doesn’t have practical powerplant experience. The program ensures you meet all requirements to check that box.

The first Step to start the program is to enroll is email

Most military aircraft maintenance technicians are eligible to pursue Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airframe & Powerplant (A&P) certification based on documented evidence of 30 months practical aircraft maintenance experience in airframe and powerplant systems per Title 14, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part 65- Certification: Airmen Other Than Flight Crew Members; Subpart D-Mechanics.

The Air Force A&P Certification Program was developed to bridge gaps between a technician’s Air Force education, training and experience and FAA eligibility requirements per Title 14, CFR Part 65.77. This FAA-approved program is a voluntary program which benefits the technician and the Air Force, with consideration to professional development, recruitment, retention, and transition. Completing this program, outlined in the program Qualification Training Package (QTP), will assist technicians in meeting FAA eligibility requirements and being BETTER PREPARED for the FAA exams.
Four-Tier Program: The program is a four-tier training and experience program. These elements are required for program completion and important for individual development, knowledge assessment, meeting FAA certification eligibility, and preparation for the FAA exams:
 Three Air University Online Specialized Courses.
 On the Job Training (OJT).
 Documented evidence of 30 months practical experience in airframe and powerplant systems.
Program Eligibility:

Program Eligibility:
Active duty, guard and reserve technicians who possess at least a 5-skill level in one of the following aircraft maintenance AFSCs are eligible to enroll: 2A0X1, 2A090, 2A2X1, 2A2X2,
2A2X3, 2A3X3, 2A3X4, 2A3X5, 2A3X7, 2A3X8, 2A390, 2A300, 2A5X1, 2A5X2, 2A5X3,
2A5X4, 2A590, 2A500, 2A6X1, 2A6X3, 2A6X4, 2A6X5, 2A6X6, 2A690, 2A691, 2A600 (except AGE), 2A7X1, 2A7X2, 2A7X3, 2A7X5, 2A790, 2A8X1, 2A8X2, 2A9X1, 2A9X2, and 2A9X3.

Note: Technicians who previously gained FAA authorization to test for A&P certification are not required to enroll and complete this program.

Technicians who re-trained/commissioned out of aircraft maintenance are eligible to enroll provided they were awarded the 5-skill level in an AF A&P Program eligible aircraft maintenance AFSC. Per the FAA, aircraft maintenance experience never expires.

Program Enrollment
Note: Technicians, who have completed civilian coursework, acceptable to CCAF, are not required to complete the A&P Specialized Courses. Example: completing the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s six “Type 65” courses satisfies the A&P Specialized Course requirement.

 Each URE must be proctored by the appropriate individual. Proctors must be the rank of at least E-6, WG-10, or anyone with an FAA Airframe and Powerplant License.

 A set of proctor logs may be downloaded at the following CCAF website: af/USAF/ep/

 Prior to enrollment into the Air Force A&P Program, each applicant must complete the three Specialized Courses in Air University. Each SC contains multiple units or UREs and is designed to test your knowledge of the course material. The three SCs are General (02AF1), Airframe (02AF2), and Powerplant (02AF3). The most current and required version is Version 3.

 Each URE requires a minimum passing score of 70%. The proctor must ensure that all notes, study materials, and course material are removed from the immediate area or the vicinity of the exam location.

 Once all UREs have been completed and a minimum passing score has been received on each one, the member will then download a program enrollment form and send the completed enrollment form along with the signed proctor logs to for enrollment into the program.

 The program enrollment form may be downloaded from the following CCAF website: af/USAF/ep/

 Once the enrollment form and proctor logs have been received, CCAF/DEAL program managers will then build a Qualification Training Package (QTP) that coincides with the member’s AFSC. CCAF will evaluate all FAA-applicable AF and civilian coursework reflected on the technician’s CCAF academic record. All applicable tasks are credited based on the evaluation. The QTP includes the CG-G-EAE-2 Form, FAA Certification Performance of Job Tasks; CG-G-EAE-3 Form, Joint Military Services Airframe and Powerplant Program; and instructions for completing program requirements.

 Since Level 1 and level 2 tasks only require the completion of the Specialized Course, CCAF will sign off all corresponding Level 1 and 2 tasks before issuing the QTP to the member. These tasks will be electronically shaded, initialed, and dated and no further training/experience is necessary.

 All open OJT items on the QTP are the member’s responsibility to complete and must be done IAW trainer/certifier requirements. Trainer/certifier requirements may be found on page 1 of the CG-G-EAE-3 form.

Air University Online A&P Specialized Course Enrollment:
 To access the Specialized Courses, members must have access to a government computer or access to a .mil domain.

 The SCs can be found on Air University Online at the following website:… or can also be found by going to ADLS, clicking on AU Gateway located in the left-hand column and then clicking on Air University.

 Once members have access to AU Online…
1. Click the menu item labeled “Course List.”
2. Click the “plus sign” (+) next to “Specialized Courses” from the course list provided.
3. Click the desired A&P Specialized Course to begin your enrollment in the course.

 The A&P Specialized Courses should be completed sequentially, beginning with 02AF1- Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic-General, and then continue through Airframe (02AF2) and Powerplant (02AF3).

Program Graduation
 Technicians must complete all QTP requirements and have 30 months of practical aircraft maintenance experience for CCAF to issue the CG-G-EAE-4 Form, Certificate of Eligibility.

 After completing all QTP requirements, the technician’s unit maintenance officer must sign the verification statements within the QTP, verifying completion of training/experience requirements.

 The technician mails a copy of the completed CG-G-EAE-2 Form, CG-G-EAE-3 Form, and SC course completion certificates to:
Community College of the Air Force Credentialing Programs CCAF/DEAL
100 South Turner Blvd
Maxwell-Gunter AFB AL 36114-3011

1. The technician may also scan and email all completed documents and send it to for processing. These documents must be sent from a .mil domain because of PII.
-The CCAF program manager will verify the technician’s program completion and FAA eligibility. If all requirements are met, the Program Director will issue a CG-G-EAE-4 Form, Certificate of Eligibility and an FAA Form 8610-2, Airman Certificate and/or Rating Application.

FAA Authorization: An interview/authorization to test from the FAA is NO LONGER REQUIRED for members with a properly signed Certificate of Eligibility (CG-G-EAE-4). The member is authorized to take the written and oral/practical exams for the ratings identified on the certificate.