Credentials Are Important

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Credentialing is important to the Air Force, the Airmen, and your future post-military career. It’s important for Airmen for several reasons:
• Helps develop a more diversely skilled workforce
• Broadens professional development of our Airmen
• Validates professional knowledge and skills gained through Air Force technical education and training
• Helps prepare Airmen to meet mission challenges of the future
• CCAF awards collegiate credit to Airmen who possess certain national professional credentials that satisfy applicable technical education and program elective requirements
• Some civilian colleges and universities award credit toward academic degrees
• Saves Air Force tuition assistance funds toward degree program completion
• Prepares Airmen for the transition to civilian life
− Federal, state or local law may require specific credentials to perform some jobs
− Employers may require a specific credential(s) as a prerequisite for employment or pay higher salaries to credentialed employees
− Credentials may improve PROMOTION POTENTIAL
− Credentials demonstrate to employers that Airmen are on par with their civilian peers

Airmen should consider pursuing occupational-related credentials while serving in the Air Force to increase their Air Force occupational skills, broaden their professional development and be better prepared for the transition.

Students interested in pursuing professional credentials should contact the credentialing agency for information on credentials, eligibility requirements and testing procedures. Graduates of CCAF degree programs or courses accredited by credentialing agencies should contact the credentialing agency for requirements and processes.

To support documentary evidence of training, skills and practical experience, students are highly encouraged to maintain records of all previous and current education, training and qualifications

Source: Community College of the Air Force
Edited by Jose Zaragoza