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Prepare for the Airframe & Powerplant (A&P)

What Is The A&P?

A licensed technical qualification for carrying out aircraft maintenance. AMTs inspect and perform or supervise maintenance, preventive maintenance, repairs and alteration of aircraft and aircraft systems.

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How Does The A&P Benefit You?

The A&P certification will make a big difference in your career as an AMT.

High Demand

There is a lot of demand for avionics specialists who can master the intricacies of the aircraft and work with A&Ps. Thanks to a shortage of technicians and the complexity of aircraft systems, the industry needs more people who are cross-trained. Avionics technicians with the licensing that enables them to work on the airplane, either removing or reinstalling equipment, are especially in demand.

Higher Pay

Mechanics without an A&P license make considerably less and have more difficulty finding work. Getting the A&P is that important.

Code1MX students have a 96% pass rate

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Meet your Instructor

John Robertson is our FAA A&P training course manager here at Code1MX. He is currently in the Army National Guard at Western Army Aviation Training Site (WAATS) north of Tucson.

He built a successful FAA A&P course for Army mechanics there at WAATS from the ground 2 years ago. John collaborated with the region’s Designated Mechanic Examiners (DME) and build his course from their advice to meet FAA requirements. John, also a graduate of Baker’s School of Aeronautics, implemented what he learned there to his two training facilities. John and Code 1 Maintenance had the same vision of providing an A&P course for the military aircraft technicians in the area so he brought his talents to Code 1 Maintenance.

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John Robertson

Lead Instructor

John’s vast knowledge helped build Code 1 Maintenance A&P training course here in Tucson modeling similar to that of his course at WAATS. John is a great instructor, knowledgeable, and knows exactly what the DMEs look for. He has trained all of the other instructors and helped over 30+ Soldiers and Airmen get certified. John has built strong relationships with the FAA DME and took what he learned from Baker’s to Southern Arizona.

Obtaining 8610-2 Authorization Slips

To be enrolled in Code 1 Maintenance as a mechanic student, you must first meet the F.A.A. experience requirements. The purpose of this is to be sure the F.A.A. will permit you to take the written exam after you finish the course. There are four (4) ways of proving your experience to the F.A.A. Any of these four ways will be considered as proof:

Have the F.A.A. written exam grade slip which shows you met the requirements in the past.
Have a diploma from a civilian F.A.A. approved mechanic school. To obtain this type diploma, you must have attended a mechanic school full time for 2 to 3 years.
Have a military discharge records showing that you have worked on aircraft as a mechanic for the required number of months. (DD-214)
Have a “mechanic’s experience letter” signed by your shop superintendent, maintenance officer or licensed mechanic under whom you have worked.
After complying with one of the above
Have your nearest F.A.A. maintenance inspector give you two copies of the 8610-2, Airman Certification and/or Rating Application Form, saying that you meet the experience requirements. Bring the forms to Code1MX with you.
Ensure both 8610-2 Forms have original signatures of the FAA Inspector and yours.

Do not bring experience letter or form DD-214 to enroll.
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More Info

The only items necessary for enrollment for the Guaranteed A&P courses:

  • 2x 8610-2 forms from the F.A.A.
  • Valid identification, (Drivers license or airman certificate, and non – U.S. students must bring valid passport for valid identification)
  • Full tuition
***The student does not buy any books for the course. All materials and tools are furnished by the school. Electronic calculators are used in the classroom in some parts of the course. If a student has their own, they may wish to bring it with them. Calculators may be used in the testing room when taking the F.A.A. examination. Students need to have a notebook for their own use.

$2000 Training

$480 All 3 Knowledge exams

$1050 All 3 Elements for DME fees.

Total- $3530

Tuition may be paid by money order, cashier’s check, travelers check’s, cash, VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS or DISCOVER. PERSONAL CHECKS ARE NOT ACCEPTED by any individual or company.

If you live out of town, check in with your local Economic Development Office and ask about the Hilton Honor’s Program for the military. There are several students who used this program. There’s also plenty of Hilton affiliated hotels nearly walking distance.

We have a full day course and a part-time evening course.

Your first three days of will be instructions, quizzes and hands on training. Once that is complete we will guide you through all your exams.

The average time to obtain the A&P rating is from 10 – 14 days. Our instructors work closely with each student, progressing him/her based on their own capabilities. We PROMISE THE COURSE, WE CANNOT PROMISE THE TIME.


  • You must be 18 years old
  • Able to read, write, speak and understand English
    (or in the case of an applicant who does not meet this requirement and who is employed outside of the United States by a U.S. air carrier, have his certificate endorsed “Valid only outside the United States”)
  • At least 18 months of practical experience (TIME STARTS AFTER TECH SCHOOL) with the procedures, practices, materials, tools, machine tools, and equipment generally used in constructing, maintaining, or altering airframes, or powerplants appropriate to the rating sought
    At least 30 months of practical experience (TIME STARTS AFTER TECH SCHOOL) concurrently performing the duties appropriate to both the airframe and powerplant ratings.
  • You must pass all three knowledge exams (General, Airframe, Powerplant) within a period of 24 months
  • NOTE: Payments must be made 2 weeks prior to in person course. We will reimburse if you have a third party agency funding your course./li>
  • AF COOL (pays for prep courses), Navy/Marine COOL, Army COOL or CA pays for exams.
  • VA (reimburses the cost for the license. Forms and info here
  • Veteran’s Outreach program office/Economic development offices in your state may pay for licenses.
  • For hotels, Hilton Honors Program will pay for your stay while you obtain your license. Coordinate it with your Economic Development Office or Veteran Outreach Program Office.
  • Some states are involved in the program and some not so please check in.

Typically 7-14 Days depending on your studying abilities and if you are obtaining one or two ratings. We provide presentations and hands on training then we prepare on your knowledge exams and oral exams.

Retakes must be paid by student. We can help reimburse the exams using the VA funds. Depending how late in the day or week, reschedule maybe same day.

1. You’ll study for your General, Airframe and/or Powerplant knowledge exams.

2. Then you’ll work on hands on training.

3. Study for your Oral questions and answers.

4. Once ready, we’ll schedule you with the DME and you’ll take the exam.

5. Examination which may be an all day event.

  • Study your General book/app. That way when you you’ll be better prepared and ahead.
  • Get rid of all distractions. (email/app/phone notifications)
  • Our books are modified so you may have the highest chance of passing.
  • We provide quizzes if you are struggling.
  • Download the ASA Prepware app for Android or Iphone. (You’ll be reimbursed)

You may obtain your FAA Form 8610-2 virtually now. Call your home of record state Flight Standard District Office and here is the link:

Call the Flight Standard District Office (FSDO). Ask them you are looking to get your FAA form 8610-2 for mechanics.

Here is the link to find your nearest office:

"A&P program is straight forward to get it as fast as possible. Great setup here in Tucson. Would recommend!"


A-10 Crew Chief
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Plan of Action

Members will enroll and receive an email with the next instructions and videos on how to apply for funding with their respective service branch.

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